About us

CarStorCon® Technologies is a startup from Marienhafe in Germany founded in 2022. The idea has been around for a while. As early as 2020, we undertook initial trials with different residual material streams. In this way, we succeeded in tailoring our technical carbon for various uses in such a way that initial applications in concrete and asphalt became possible.

CarStorCon® Technologies

"I come from a construction background, and that's where I saw the need for more more sustainable alternatives. At the same time, I became aware of technical carbon, and its huge potential as a negative-emission technology for the construction industry."
Dipl.-Ing. Axel Preuß, Founder CarStorCon® Technologies 

CarStorCon® Technologies

Significant in further research and development was the optimization for use in the construction sector. Technical carbon is still a niche product that receives too little attention outside of agriculture. Yet when incorporated into building materials, permanent and stable carbon sinks can be created to a much greater extent than in other industrial applications.

Our name CarStorCon®- Carbon Storage Concrete - draws on our core application of incorporating technical carbon into concrete. Even though our technology is successfully used in other building materials, we see the greatest leverage here due to the immense consumption.

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