Small house - big effect

Thanks to our CarStorCon® technology, our little decorative house contains just under 16g ofCO2. Just imagine if every one of the approx. 41.5 million households in Germany would put such a little house in their living room...

Joking aside - that's not enough to stop climate change, but considering that around 81 million cubic meters of concrete are produced and used in Germany every year, we can make quite a difference with our Clim@Add® aggregate. - This is because CarStorCon® technology not only permanently binds technical carbon in concrete (and also asphalt), but can also replace up to 15% of cement, which means an additional reduction in emissions.

To make a very simple example calculation:

81 million cubic meters of concrete/year in Germany contain almost 31 million tons of cement and thus cause approx. 18 million tons ofCO2. 

If we save 15% cement in these quantities, we are talking about 4.6 million tons of cement and thus about 2.7 million tons ofCO2savings.

If we now replace this 15% cement with our aggregate Clim@Add®, an additional 13.8 million tons ofCO2 are permanently bound in Germany's annual concrete consumption #NET #carbon sink.

We see this potential as our motivation and work to make it a reality - step by step and house by house...