Why we believe in technical carbon

We think it is important and right to invest in NET innovations. They will need to close the gap that we cannot achieve through emissions reductions alone (e.g., through efficiency and conservation). However, the challenge with CDR technologies today is that they have not yet reached the gigatons that need to be removed from the atmosphere by 2030.

The storage of CO2 in technical carbon, on the other hand, already works today. Pyrolysis technology is recognized as a negative emission technology. The technical carbon obtained is considered harmless, is chemically stable and can be reintegrated into material cycles, and, quite incidentally, renewable energies, electricity and heat, are produced during its manufacture.

And that's not all: in addition to the positive effects on the climate, we are also so enthusiastic about technical carbon because it has been proven to improve the functional properties of building materials.

Our technical carbon that Clim@Add® positively influences the technical parameters, e.g. of concrete, from compressive strength to water absorption, and is also a recognized carbon sink - because in our opinion, a more sustainable construction industry requires not only improving what already exists, but also experimenting with something new. That's why we're betting on engineered carbon - what do you think? We would be interested in your thoughts on this...