Climate concrete in application

Green building material innovation through the use of #technicalcarbon:

Concrete becomes a permanent #carbon sink

Clim@Add® is a CO2-negative building material additive. It is a modified technical carbon used to reduce thecarbon footprint of cementitious building materials. The Clim@Add® represents the basis of our #CarStorConTechnology.

By substituting e.g. 15% cement with 15% Clim@Add® , it is possible to produce climate-positive concrete whose properties are at least equal to and even exceed those of a corresponding reference concrete (C25/30). It is ideal for processing and offers a wide range of applications.

By August, we will realize 4 pilot projects in Austria and thus permanently bind 220 t CO2. Our #Climate Concrete not only ensures a lower CO2 footprint by saving 72 t of cement, we can even demonstrate improved material properties, such as higher compressive strength and better surface properties.

Our first pilot project, a single-family house in the Vorarlberg region, is already taking shape. The floor slab was constructed this week using #ClimatAdd®. Soon we will continue with walls, ceilings and stairs.