CarStorCon®Technology How does it work?

The basis of our technology is a newly developed additive, our Clim@Add. It consists of 84% technical carbon, which is a product of a climate-positive energy system. By substituting 15% of cement with 15% of Clim@Add®, we succeed in producing climate-positive concrete whose properties are in no way inferior to those of a corresponding reference concrete (C25/30).

The compressive strengths are close to 18.9 N/mm² after 2 days, 33.3 N/mm² after 28 days and even 38.7 N/mm² after 56 days. The resulting CarStorCon® can be processed perfectly and thus offers a wide range of application possibilities. In addition to the climate-positive properties that our concrete obtains through the application of Clim@Add, the technical characteristics of the additive will positively influence the properties of the concrete. The good compressive strengths of CarStorCon® are only one effect. The properties of our additive will cater for improved internal curing, improved sound insulation or more optimal thermal insulation properties, not forgetting of course the significantly better moisture-regulating capabilities. We are on our way.

This technology has what it takes to transform the world’s most widely used building material from a climate killer into one of hopefully many climate saviors. The potential applications of Clim@Add® are manifold and will be feasible in very many concrete applications, not only for climatic concrete but also for climatic asphalt. In a large-scale research project, together with the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing in Berlin, we will guide the next development step to quickly bring CarStorCon® to puberty, so that it will quickly grow up.
The task now is to carry out further application tests as quickly as possible to ensure that the technology reaches market maturity as soon as possible, because it has incredible potential. The beauty of it is, the more do it, the more it helps.

CarStorCon® Technologies

For our climate

This technology has what it takes to turn a climate killer into a climate saver. In order for this to succeed, it is necessary to bundle expertise and efforts. In2ovation has taken over the technology and is currently developing a corresponding marketing concept. In a large-scale research project with the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing in Berlin, the next development step is to be accompanied so that CarStorCon® can grow up quickly. With all the hurdles that climate clay still has to face before it can be used naturally in all possible areas, one thing can already be stated now. The way to a not only climate-friendly concrete, no even a climate-positive concrete is ready. We just have to end it together and probably beyond that….
CarStorCon® Technologies