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Given the massive consumption of concrete, with our Clim @ Add® we can ensure that concrete becomes a tangible carbon sink worldwide, for a very long time, because this process is irreversible. A true innovation, a result of research and development. We have succeeded in tailoring our engineered carbon for various uses in such a way that the first applications in concrete and asphalt are possible.By using our new aggregate, which we have simply named Clim @ Add®, both products have become sustainably climate-positive. CarStorCon® technology was born. Carbon Storage Concrete Technology is a 100% sustainable and permanent carbon sink, a true NETTO technology with negative emissions.
CarStorCon® Technologies

Concrete Technology

Are we solving the challenges of our time exclusively with brand new innovations and technologies? Or does the further development of the tried and tested also have a positive impact, for example on the climate? The engineering office – Axel Preuss from Northern Germany and the Austrian wood power plant Syncraft asked these questions. In order to find answers, they worked together with the well-known building material that the construction industry cannot do without: concrete.

Concrete, but above all the cement contained in concrete, is ultimately responsible for around 8% [1] of global greenhouse gas emissions. Infrastructure and housing are key issues for the next few years. Whether concrete will go down in history as a climate saver or a climate killer will be decided by developments that we will make today or in the years to come. In any case, climate clay could make a significant contribution to achieving the climate goals.

The future can begin: First conventionally manufactured CarStorCon® from Kopf Kies + Beton in cooperation with EnergieWerk Ilg, Carbon Instead, EBI, Carbonfuture, SynCraft and engineering office Axel Preuß; Right picture: in a direct comparison left. Half climate tone right Half conventional concrete.

Alternatives to sand and gravel are already being used for concrete production. The replacement of cement by the use of blast furnace slag and similar possibilities is pursued and optimized with a lot of effort. This will also help to further reduce the current footprint of around 521 kg CO2 / t cement! Indeed, options for capturing the emitted CO2 at the chimney of the cement plant using CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) technology are very popular in view of rising CO2 prices and will definitely be used in the next few decades. But in order to generate really climate-positive effects with concrete, major changes are needed, with our Clim @ Add®, which ensures that concrete becomes a noticeable carbon sink in the long term! So it becomes the climate tone, as the following illustration shows. [2]

We have succeeded in assembling the technical carbon in such a way that the overall climate-positive effect of concrete is achieved. The properties of the concrete have also been significantly improved, as the first, repeated series of tests have already shown. Both in terms of compressive strength and surface properties, the climatic clay is in no way inferior to its conventional counterparts. On the contrary, it looks more like significant improvements can be achieved with it.

So this is the hour of birth of the CarStorCon® technology! The first climate clay that is not only climate positive, but also scores points with added value compared to its conventional concrete product. The Carbon Storage Concrete Technology is a vulnerable, sustainable and permanent carbon sink [3], a real NET, Negative Emission Technology.


CarStorCon® Technologies


Reversal of direction of greenhouse gases:
Back in the concrete instead of the atmosphere. Reversal of direction of money:
Compensation for climate-protecting carbon sinks instead of pollution. These are the basic ideas of the sustainable carbon sink economy.

In order to achieve the goal of the Paris Climate Agreement, namely to limit global warming to 1.5 °, hundreds of billions of tons of CO₂ will have to be removed from the atmosphere over the next few decades. In addition to massive emissions reductions.

According to the scenarios examined by the IPCC, one thing is clear: In the course of this century, about as much CO₂ must be bound and safely stored by means of negative emission technologies as humanity will still emit. In order to enable the required scaling in the gigatonnes range and to advance this decisive innovation in climate protection, investments in carbon sink certificates are required today. Buyers of these carbon credits not only support the achievement of their own net zero goals, but also pave the way for a transparent, verifiable, economically sound and primarily trustworthy carbon sink market.

Using CarStorCon® technology, we have succeeded in bringing the concrete technology that has existed for centuries into the area of ​​climate positivity. An important step, especially since concrete is not only the most widely used building material, but because it will remain so. Without him, the challenges of the future cannot be mastered.

The aim is to put this technology into practice.

Concrete as a permanent carbon sink using technical carbon: This is how we turn concrete from a climate killer to a climate saver.

CarStorCon® Technologies